About Us

Angela M. Contreras
Owner, Director, Principal Consultant

I have a life-long commitment to causes of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI), locally and globally. My trans-disciplinary university formation (legal anthropology, criminology, inter-faith dialogue, international justice, sociology, and adult education) has equipped me with a unique skill-set I have used to advocate for reforms to law and social policies in support of access to public education and community support services for people with precarious income and migration status.

As a scholar and practitioner, I have extensive experience working with non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and academic institutions in Canada, the USA, Guatemala, Thailand, and the Netherlands. As independent project management, research and evaluation consultant, I have worked with a wide range of clients to meet their needs around designing, implementing, and/or evaluating programs and services that can help overcome systemic injustices and inequalities.

I am committed to continued training and education. I hold post-graduate certificates in Applied Project Management (Langara), Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation (University of Ottawa & Mosaic), Monitoring & Evaluation applied to the Prevention of Crime and Violence (CESC, UChile), and Evaluation for Social Change & Transformative Learning (SFU).

Karla Contreras
Associate Consultant

Karla uses her expertise in research methodologies, group facilitation, and project management to inspire others to work towards their goals. Storytelling for social change and community development are some of her major topics. She helps communities and organizations tell their stories of transformational journeys so that these become something insiders and outsiders want to belong to.

She has managed development projects for women, youth and Indigenous peoples. She has extensive experience facilitating programs for youth programs in Thailand, New York, and Guatemala. She is a sociologist from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, and is a certified specialist in popular education and ludic (“play to learn, learn to play”) methodologies.

In addition to being a researcher and facilitator, Karla is also an international youth advocacy officer. In 2019, Karla was delegated by World YMCA as a Youth Spokesperson on themes of civic engagement, mental health, the environment, and employment. She is one of two youth delegates from Latin America and the Caribbean currently bringing their lived experiences and advocacy skills at making young people’s voices heard at the United Nations and its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Silvana Contreras
Associate Consultant

Silvana’s services include data visualizations, e-communications, and production of multi-media material and resources.

She holds a Certificate in Publicity and Advertising Services, and a BA in Communication Sciences from the School of Communication at San Carlos University. She is proficient in current technologies and platforms for communications in community development. She uses her advanced skill-set to help her clients develop and project their distinctive identities and messages.

Silvana embraces a human-centered approach to creativity and design, and she is attentive to the needs and expectations of her clients. Silvana has honed her talent working in multi-cultural teams in El Salvador, Guatemala, and London (UK). Silvana has worked on social media campaigns for clients in the for-profit sector. She volunteers her skills and time at the YMCA where she facilitates projects of inclusion, diversity and equity benefiting youth and children from marginalized communities.

Her most recent assignments include a collaboration with firefighters and other first responders in Guatemala, and the post-production of a video addressing the emergent findings of a participatory action research project in East Vancouver.