Angela Contreras

Director / Directrice / Directora

In addition to founding the company, Angela is also director, chief consultant, and - since she operates the company out of her home office – she is the kitchen cleaner and the fair-trade coffee maker too. But far from being a one-woman show, Verapax is as big or as small as its clients need it to be. We assemble project teams to suit the scale and needs of the task at hand. These teams are drawn from a network of partners in a range of complementary fields -- from socio-legal non-governmental organizations, to professionals in quantitative and qualitative research, facilitation, project management, evaluation, IT consulting and a number of other specialties.

Verapax is also frequently called upon by non-profit organizations that cannot afford to have a permanent full-time researcher, coordinator or evaluator for their programs and services. Because it is a small independent firm, Verapax can partner with any service provider, consultant, or agency, and services are fast, flexible, and cost-effective.


Angela started Verapax in 2005 after a successful career spearheading academic and non-profit human rights and development projects in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and before that in the Global South. She also led successful research and teaching initiatives at the School of Criminology and the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Simon Fraser University and at Université Saint-paul in Ottawa. Angela holds degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Inter-faith Dialogue and Social Movements, and Criminology.

A self-described research and analysis “geek," Angela has always been fascinated by the intersection between the interests and needs in the non-for profit sector. Particularly: the consideration one needs to give to the dynamics between profit organizations, the community they work with, and the interests of funding agencies. Angela looks at the mission and vision of non-profit organizations, the programs and services they deliver, the impact of the organization on the communities, the interests of funding agencies and the ways effective non-profit organizations make these intersections happen. Angela background and experience in the non-profit sectors are supplemented by her post-graduate certificates in Applied Project Management (CAPM) and Planning-Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) specializing in community development. And with the advice and help of some very talented BC-based consultants, Angela realized that there was a career to be made helping non-profits plan, manage and evaluate successful programs and services.

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The following are some of the Non-profit Organizations Angela has recently collaborated with:

PovNet Society
Parent Support Services Society of BC
Veterinarios Sin Fronteras Canadá – Guatemala
West Coast Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund
Interfaith Summer Institute for Peace, Justice, and Social Movements
Indigenous Worldviews of Reconciliation / Survivors of Residential Schools
Centro de Estudios en Seguridad Ciudadana, Chile
United Nations Association of Canada
Red Cross of the Lower Mainland
Vancouver Association for the Survivors of Torture, VAST
Vancouver Status of Women
Canadian Council for Refugees

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